SQL Database Performance Monitoring

Catch the problems before they eat up your data. Monitor the systems before you are hit.

Through the pro-active maintenance and monitoring services that we provide you are well in place with consistent databases, instances up to-date with all patches in place, well informed about the issues logged within windows and SQL server logs in time and perfect databases with well-maintained indexes. We will monitor and act/ escalate any consistency issues during the service. As a bonus you will be informed about the failure of any of the SQL Agent job failures that happens.

The following are the tasks covered in brief.

  • Monitoring and resolving database backup failures if any.
  • Configuring and scheduling regular database re-indexing , consistency checks and statistics updates.
  • Resolving database integrity issues.
  • Reviewing Operating System and RDBMS error logs.
  • Support in database file space allocation for growth and performance.
  • Support in applying database hot fixes and service packs.
  • Escalation of unresolved errors and alerts.
  • Reviewing DBA support issues with customer IT staff.
  • Monitoring SQL Agent job failures.