Disaster Recovery Solution

Your data is invaluable and hence your databases.

Proven disaster recovery practices and its pre-requisites in place combined with the support of well experienced DBA’s will give you the leading edge on this aspect – in other words no data loss / permissible data loss in case of a disaster. This is exactly what we are offering.

Our expert team with wide range of skills in implementing disaster recover solutions will support you to

  • Verify how recoverable your databases are
  • Verify backup schedules operational and recovery process valid, if there is one in place
  • Decide the best strategy that suits your environment
  • Implement the best suited backup strategy
  • Do the proper documentation of the disaster recovery strategy and processes, so that your own IT staff can follow it in case of emergency
  • Restore user databases in the event of a disaster
  • Do regular testing of backup and recovery solutions to avoid sudden surprises
  • This service combined with “Pro-Active maintenance and monitoring” will make you well equipped you in the unfortunate event of a disaster.